Since its introduction in the late 1960’s, the proven reliability and ease of operation of the skip bin has gained it a large following amongst waste collection companies, scrap metal merchants, glass recyclers and other customers the world over.

The single flaw in the otherwise good system is that seldom does the single bin payload ever match the maximum carrying capacity of the skip loading vehicle.

This inefficiency has cost operators and customer tens of millions over the years.

The Double Decker Skip Bin overcomes this problem by making the carrying and tipping of two bins legal.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with any existing single bin system, the Double Decker substantially improves the overall efficiency for the operator and substantially reduces the cost of skip hire for the customer. The loader is standard and will carry any single bin currently being used.

Following a 24 month trial period with a number of leading South African waste collection companies, the system is now being selectively rolled out across the country, across a number of different waste types.

In many instances the savings are as high as 40%